Local PoCal

Your poetry planner.

This calendar is designed for your convenience, to help you plan which poetry events you'll be attending. Each event title begins with the city, so you instantly know where the event is taking place. After that is the name of the series or event. I assume two hours for an event unless I am notified otherwise.

When you click on an event, you'll find a "map" link that will bring it up on Google maps, as well as whatever information I have on the event, including a description and contact information. It's a good idea to contact the organizer and confirm an event is actually taking place before you schlep all the way over there!

This is a Google calendar, so it does whatever a Google calendar can do, and nothing more.

To Add an Event...

I will add any event I find about, but if you want to make sure an event is included and have some influence on how it's presented, then send me an e-mail at nowculture at gmail. Please include the following:
  1. An event that is about poetry and takes place in the state of New Jersey
  2. The name of the reading or series
  3. The date and time of the event, including the end time if you know it
  4. A description of the event
  5. Contact information
You can include links, but if you want to be sure they actually work, send me the html, i.e. <a href="http://blah.com">etc.

If you're interested in maintaining a poetry calendar for your area, let me know at that e-mail address I just gave you.

Yours in poetry,

Don Zirilli
Now Culture